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Book Review

by Tom Hatten
Entertainment Editor KNX Radio, Los Angeles (CBS)
broadcast 04/23/2002 9:55am

One thing that is very certain about a career in show business is that there are no absolutely certain ways to achieve success and a new book just out doesn't pretend otherwise. Its title is "The Business of Acting" and it's loaded with no nonsense self-help for new comers and veteran actors alike. The business of acting? Yep. That's what longtime talent manager and publicist Brad Lemack decided on as his title because, he alleges, somewhat surprisingly I grant you, that though having talent is terrific, it's not the principal key to success. Sure, you want to be as good as you can be, but it's how you treat that talent (the talent you have) and how you present it to those who do the hiring and the turndowns that is equally often more important.

Now, obviously, I did read the book, but I can't capsule the entire text. But his friend and client Isabel Sanford in her warm but equally no nonsense foreword concludes that the book is something that will benefit every actor and I agree.

"The Business of Acting," subtitled "Learn the Skills You Need to Build the Career You Want," will be in stores on May 1st.

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