The new business of acting has presented changes and challenges in the landscape that are keeping all actors on their toes – or should! Brad talks with “The Actors Lounge” podcast host Mel V. about what’s new, what’s shifting and how to manage through it all as you move forward on your career journey (May 2019).

Running late for an audition, especially in LA? "Better have loose change handy" and other valuable pieces of career-protecting advice are contained in a cautionary tale Brad shares in his latest Backstage column, “When Arriving on Time is Too Late …” (March 2019).

Los Angeles-based photographer Beth Kukucka reviewed “The Next Edition,” with special attention to the chapter on head shots, for her blog (January 2019).

Emerson College Los Angeles published a profile story on Brad and his latest book as a “Notable Alumni” of the Boston-based school (January 2019).

“Act Like an Adult” is the attention-grabbing title of Lisa Ellen Niver’s review and feature story on The Next Edition in the Jewish Journal (December 2018).

“How to Handle Awkward Questions About Your Acting Career Over the Holidays” – Heading home for the holidays can be stressful enough. Add to that a barrage of inquiries about why you’re not a star yet and it can add to the often-normal stress that these family-and-friend reunions can stir. In his “Backstage Experts” column, Brad offers his list of survival tips to pack with you for the season’s journey home (November 2018).

“Creating, Promoting, Marketing & Protecting Your Brand Online” – The worldwide web can create some global brand and image challenges for both new-to-the-business and established, “working” actors. Expounding on a chapter in The Next Edition, Brad address the issue his guest blogger column for Casting Frontier (October 2018).

WGN-TV, in Chicago, helped launch the mid-west arrival of “The Next Edition.” Co-anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten interviewed Brad about the new landscape and the new book (October 2018).

“Three Ways to Prep for Pilot Season Right Now” -- Backstage adds Brad to their team as a “Backstage Expert” contributing columnist. His first article addresses network pilot season 2019 (September 2018). announces the New York talk-and-signing event for “The Next Edition” (September 2018). announces The Drama Book Shop’s New York City event for “The Next Edition” (September 2018).

Fox 11 News, in Los Angeles, helped launched “The Next Edition” with an appearance by Brad. He was by interviewed by noon news co-anchors Bob DeCastro and Marla Tellez (September 2018). announces the publication of Brad’s new book (September 2018).

The right pilot season strategy can make all the difference in the world as you travel on your career journey. Creating a plan to guide you can have benefits that linger through the rest of the year and beyond. In his Back Stage column, Brad Lemack offers up a five-step plan to guide you through pilot season in ways that can help you make your mark and build your brand.
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